Fort Collins Roofing Insurance Claims Experts

Fort Collins Roofing Consultants has had great success working with insurance companies and building relationships with them over the years. We have helped many insurance companies process claims efficiently and properly and will work to help our customers navigate confusing insurance claim paperwork. Our goal is to take as much weight off of you as possible.

Roofing Insurance Guidelines

Here is a general guideline to follow when it comes to working with your insurance company and the insurance claims process:

Contact Fort Collins Roofing Consultants of Fort Collins Colorado to schedule a free on-site consultation to determine the extent of the roofing damage and what services may be needed to get your roof back to new again.

If an inspector from Fort Collins Roofing Consultants confirms that damage has been verified, contact your insurance agent to request an inspection. An insurance adjuster will then be assigned to inspect and evaluate the loss.

Make sure to take pictures and to document any roofing damage or hail storm damage that occurred prior to any repairs are started.  This may be required by your insurance company.

Once roofing damage is confirmed, your insurance agent can then authorize any temporary roofing repairs that are necessary to prevent any further damage to your home or business.

Your insurance company will need all receipts for any emergency repairs that are done in order to reimburse you correctly.  We can help you with an accounting of all repairs and costs involved.

Once an initial inspection has been done by your insurance inspector, your insurance agent will go over the claim with you and detail all of the repairs needed and the costs associated with any roofing repairs. The insurance claims adjuster will provide you with an itemized explanation on your claim settlement, including your deductible amount that you’ll have to pay as well as  previous depreciation of your roof if an entire roof replacement is involved.

Most homeowner policies grant coverage for full replacement cost provided the repairs are actually completed. In these cases, the depreciation is deemed recoverable and the final payment is made after your receipts have been submitted and processed.

Fort Collins Roofing Consultants offers free insurance claims assistance.

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NOTE: All insurance companies will have their own guidelines to follow in terms of processing insurance claims. The guidelines referenced above are simply suggestions to help you get the roofing insurance claim process started.