Get your Own Solar Roof

Sustainable energy tools are not limited to solar panels alone but expand to solar roofing shingles. Fort Collins Roofing Consultants specializes in offering residents and business owners the best solar roof shingles anywhere. Your roof will become an energy saving tool once we are through with installing your solar roofing shingles for you.

Your Best Source for Energy Efficient Solar Shingles

Be the first to install revolutionary new solar shingles and see your utility bills dwindle before your eyes. The ground-breaking new roofing product combines an integrated photovoltaic system with the performance and protection of a conventional asphalt roof.  Solar roofing shingles are designed to work like standard roof shingles while providing an adequate amount of energy to a home and saving you money at the same time.

More Value for your Money

You don’t have to install bulky rack mounted solar systems just top heat your water. Solar roofing shingles are as easy to install as regular shingles while maintaining the visual integrity and increasing the value of your home. The hybrid shingles double as roof shingles and protect your home from the elements as well. Fort Collins Roofing Consultants does not follow a one size fits all policy. Your solar roofing cost will be calculated according to the size of your roof and the specifics of your particular installation. Give us a call for a price quote.

Installing specialized equipment such as solar shingles requires the professional touch and we have plenty of it. Our experts take every precaution necessary to ensure that your investment is installed correctly and gives you the best value.  Your new solar roofing shingles will look like they belong on your home.