Roofing is not an easy task at all. It’s an extremely hot and exhausting job for everyone. But when you’re working with a plan and some partners this work becomes easier. Working on your roof is always extremely dangerous, so if you are unsure about working on top of house or you have a height phobia, you should hire a professional roofing company for your roof installation work.

Make sure that you comply with the building code before starting your roofing work. If you are unsure ask for the applicable building code and work according to the rules and regulation.

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Planning Your Roofing Project

There will be lots of waste coming off the roof. You should try to find an effective and efficient way of recycling, and of waste disposal. You want to dispose of parts such as shingles, felt, or asphaltic underlayment into a separate pile or container. Pre-sorting will saves both money and time. Your work materials should be kept separately, and well within your reach.

Now you have sorted out your recycling procedure its time you chose a color for your new roof. Find the right combination of color that matches your house and taste. Most roofing companies provide a lifetime guarantee for their roofing materials.

Measuring for Your Roofing Project

Next, determine the total square footage, and measure all section including the hips, valley, ridges and eaves. After collecting all measurements you can find out the overall square footage. Now you can assume the materials you will need per square footage. Starting the work without this information can result in either a shortage or an excess of materials.

Decide on how much ventilation you need for your roof. The ventilation system is critical, and you can consult with your local business consultant to decide about ventilation. You should tear off old materials to repair or replace rotted decking and framing; to replace bad flashing; to install proper ventilation; to install leak barriers; to seal critical leak areas , dormers, skylights, chimneys, roof slope transition areas, ice dam areas, and wind-driven rain entry points; and to comply with building codes.

Gathering Materials for Your Roofing Project

If you are not sure about the materials you can consult with an expert from your roofing company. The working steps are simple – selecting your shingle style, your roof color, your warranty coverage level, and your accessories.

Material estimation is very important before starting the work. You have to calculate roof’s pitch to determine the amount of materials you will need. There is a tool, called an inclinometer, which can help you with this measurement.

Professional Roofing Company in Northern Colorado

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(Image and excerpt from “Planning Your Roofing Project”)