Window replacement for the renovation of houses is required when the existing windows get older due to warp and skew. If you have to install replacement windows, especially a bow window for the renovation of your house, then you will need to decide whether to get the help of a professional in replacement windows, or to take the task on yourself, and simply consult with a window replacement professional.

Professional Window Replacement in Fort Collins

The general steps for window replacement and the replacement of a bow window can be followed for all kinds of houses. Before you install replacement windows or a bow window, you need to have following equipment and tools;

  • New replacement window
  • Measuring tape
  • Hammer, saw, pry bar, and knife
  • Drill machine and screw driver
  • Caulking tubes and gun
  • Wooden shims

Steps to Install Your Replacement Windows

The foremost step to installing replacement windows is to take accurate measurements of the existing windows. For this purpose you will have to measure the window from the inner side. The width and height of the window is measured using the measuring tape keeping in view the warping and skew of the old windows. Smallest measurements are recorded so that the replacement window fits in accurately.
Once you have the measurements, you can adjust the size of your replacement window. Then window replacement is performed in following steps;

  • The existing stops are removed carefully using screw driver, knife and pry bar
  • Those stops can be reused for replacement window installation
  • Cut away sash cords and exposed ropes
  • Fix the replacement window in the openings and adjust the sashes and stops
  • Using the caulking gun and tubes, install the jambs and sill angles
  • Install the replacement window in place and use a square to ensure square shape

Finishing the Installation of Your Replacement Window

Once you have installed the replacement window and screwed the jambs, you should test for the smooth sliding of the windows. For this purpose;

  • Tight the sashes using screws
  • Lighter shims are used instead of thicker shims
  • Protruding ends are saw off using the saw
  • Finally the windows are caulked on the inner side and stops are installed

Professional Window Replacement in Fort Collins

If you would prefer to have a professional install your replacement windows, we have window replacement, bow window installation, and other replacement windows services for all of Fort Collins, CO, Loveland, CO, Longmont, CO, Greeley, CO, and all of northern Colorado.