Residential Tile Roofing in Fort Collins CO

Residential Tile Roofing Fort Collins CO

Tile roofing is known as a product that lasts a life and can stay strong against all climates and weather conditions. It is strong, durable, simple to fix and can last from 50 to 150 years or more, depending on the tile quality.

Residential roofing tiles can match any architecture style, can match many colors, shapes, and sizes. They can be flat or round, look like wood shakes, or made to look like old roofing styles. This means they can be modeled to fit any person with any style.

There are two common types of residential tile roofing systems. They are concrete tile or clay tile. Concrete tile shapes are most commonly referred to as Small Barrel, Large Barrel and Flat tile. Clay tile shapes are most commonly referred to as “S” tile, Barrel tile and Flat tile. Schedule a Free Consultation with one of our expert roofing contractors to find out which tile roof might be right for your home.

Colors & Styles of Tile Roofing

Concrete Tile by:

  • Hanson
  • Monier
  • Mextile

Clay Tile by:

  • Claymex US Tile
  • Specialty/Salvaged Tile and Slate by:
  • The Roof Tile & Slate Company

Is Tile Roofing Right For You?

The top thing to consider when look at a tile roof is your roof structure. Tile is heavy and you must make sure your roof is strong enough to support the weight.

Other things to consider are weather. There are a variety of roof tiles to choose from but they don’t all withstand the weather equally. You need tiles that do not absorb moisture since Colorado has such varying weather.

Some home owners are surprised to find any type of troubles with their clay or concrete ceramic tile roof covering due to the fact that the material itself should last a lifetime. But that does not suggest that the roof covering won’t require repair, and it’ll require routine maintenance as well if you would like for it to last as long as feasible. What keeps water from entering your home is below the clay or concrete. That water proof material will expand and contract with changes in temperature level, and it will at some point crack. Fort Collins tile roof is able to lose a lot of the water, yet some water will get past it, which’s when you’ll notice a leak.


Newer roofs (below ten years old) should not have any problems, and if you discover a leak, odds are it isn’t roof relevant. To ease your thoughts, we could supply a roof examination as well as discover any type of issues or possible with your roof and deal with them. If your roof is in fine condition, we will let you know where our team believes the trouble is coming from.

Our professionals also suggest you have a roof inspection at least every three years. This will make sure that any damage is dealt with asap, prior to it being able to create even more damages of its own. Our Fort Collins tile roofing professionals will make certain that your roof is in the very best condition as possible at all times. Though not as popular here in Colorado, a tile roof still adds a touch of the old country to your home.

How to Maintain a Tile Roof

Just like every roof, a tile roof must receive the proper maintenance. You need to inspect your roof every once in a while to make sure there are no cracked or chipped tiles. If you find any that are damaged, make sure they are replaced immediately to ensure no further issues. Broken tiles can compromise the roof’s ability to withstand exposure to rain and sun. In the worst cases, it can cause structural damage and flood the roof space.

DO NOT pressure wash your tile roof. It can strip the surface of the tile and shorten the life expectancy of the tile. It could also invalidate certain warranties you might have on your tile roof. If your roof needs washed, use a trowel and wire brush and do it by hand.

Tread lightly. If you go on your tile roof for any reason, make sure you walk carefully. The tiles are very fragile and just by walking on them you can cause a lot of damage. The best way to prevent this is to distribute your weight over a large area with plywood and foam bricks.

Give us a call here at Fort Collins Roofing Consultants if you need some more info! We’re always here to offer advice and point out the pros and cons of different types of residential tile roofing systems.  We’re sure to help you find the right roof for your home, whether it’s tile roofing or another type altogether.