Get your Own Solar Roof

Sustainable energy tools are not limited to solar panels alone but expand to solar roofing shingles. Fort Collins Roofing Consultants specializes in offering residents and business owners the best solar roof shingles anywhere. Your roof will become an energy saving tool once we are through with installing your solar roofing shingles for you.

The Earth gets an extraordinary supply of solar power. The sun is a fusion reactor that provides sufficient power in one minute to provide the world’s energy needs for one year. Actually, the amount of solar radiation striking the planet over a three-day period is equivalent to the power saved in all fossil power sources. Solar energy is a totally free, inexhaustible resource, yet using it is a relatively new idea.

Solar power might have wonderful potential, however it was left on the backburner whenever fossil fuels were a lot more economical and offered. Just in the last few years when growing energy needs, enhancing environmental troubles, and decreasing nonrenewable fuel source sources have made us plan to utilize different energy options have we focused on really exploiting this remarkable source.

Considering that the first functional solar cells were made less than three decades ago, we have actually come a lengthy way. Solar specialist companies creating distinct as well as particular solar power systems for individual residences, suggests there is no longer a justification not to think about solar power for your home.

We utilize solar energy in two kinds today, thermal as well as photovoltaic or pv. The initial focuses sunlight, transforms it right into warmth, and applies it to a vapor generator or engine to be converted into electricity in order to warm structures, heat water, produce electrical power, dry plants or destroy dangerous waste. Electrical energy is created when the warmed liquid drives turbines or other machinery. The second form of solar energy produces electricity straight without moving components. Today’s solar system is composed of cells made of silicon, the 2nd most abundant aspect in the planet’s crust. Power is produced when sunlight strikes the semiconductor material and also produces an electric current. The tiniest system of the system is a cell. Cells wired with each other create a module, as well as components wired with each other create a panel. A group of panels is called a selection, and also a number of arrays create a variety field.

There are a number of benefits of photovoltaic solar power that make it among one of the most encouraging renewable energy resources worldwide. It is non-polluting, has no relocating parts that could break down, requires little upkeep and no supervision, and has a life of 20-30 years with low running prices. It is specifically unique because no large installation is needed. Remote areas could easily produce their own supply of power by building as little or as big of a system as required. Solar power generators are dispersed to homes, institutions, or businesses, where their setting up needs no additional development or land area as well as their feature is risk-free as well as peaceful.

Solar energy is just as useful in booming locations linked to the neighborhood electrical power grid as it is in remote locations. An ordinary home has sufficient roofing system location to create enough solar electrical energy to provide all its power requires. With an inverter, which converts straight present (DC) power from the solar batteries to rotating existing (AC), which is what most house devices work on, a solar home could look and also run very much like a residence that is linked to a power line.

There are only two primary disadvantages to using solar power: amount of sunshine and the cost of equipment. The amount of sunlight an area obtains varies substantially depending upon geographical area, time of day, season and also clouds. Solar tools will ultimately pay for themselves in 2 to 5 years relying on just how much sun a particular area gets. Then the user will have a virtually totally free energy source till completion of the equipment’s working life.

Your Best Source for Energy Efficient Solar Shingles

Be the first to install revolutionary new solar shingles and see your utility bills dwindle before your eyes. The ground-breaking new roofing product combines an integrated photovoltaic system with the performance and protection of a conventional asphalt roof.  Solar roofing shingles are designed to work like standard roof shingles while providing an adequate amount of energy to a home and saving you money at the same time.


More Value for your Money

You don’t have to install bulky rack mounted solar systems just top heat your water. Solar roofing shingles are as easy to install as regular shingles while maintaining the visual integrity and increasing the value of your home. The hybrid shingles double as roof shingles and protect your home from the elements as well. Fort Collins Roofing Consultants does not follow a one size fits all policy. Your solar roofing cost will be calculated according to the size of your roof and the specifics of your particular installation. Give us a call for a price quote.

Installing specialized equipment such as solar shingles requires the professional touch and we have plenty of it. Our experts take every precaution necessary to ensure that your investment is installed correctly and gives you the best value.  Your new solar roofing shingles will look like they belong on your home.