If the glass in your vinyl bow window is broken or the entire window is damaged, you are left with no option but to install a window replacement bow window. The new styles of these windows are one single unit, without any room for the option of changing only the damaged part.

However, these new replacement windows are much more comfortable than the traditional windows. Old wooden windows used to consist of glass that was snugly fitted into the openings. Therefore, it always required a professional for window replacement bow windows. Now, with our tips, and those provided by the DoItYourself Staff, you can do your own window replacements.

Window Replacement Bow Window

Instructions to Install Vinyl Replacement Windows

Today’s vinyl replacement windows are designed to easily fit into the window frame as one independent unit. Such windows come pre-installed with necessary hardware and are incredibly easy to fit. Here are some instructions to follow while installing a window replacement bow window:

1. You may need some tools to complete this task, such as a tape measure, a hammer, a screwdriver, a knife and scissors.

2. Take exact measures across the opening before removing the broken window. It is better to measure from three sides, i.e. width, height and middle. Also, move the sashes to check for any variation in width and height.

3. Place an order for the vinyl replacement window, using the smallest measurement in each direction.

4. Remove the broken window by prying off the trim around the opening edges. Use a knife and a hammer, and be sure not to damage the trim, as you will be reusing it.

5. Now, put the new window replacement bow window unit in place, while adjusting it first at the bottom, and then push it inside while adjusting at the top. As it is secured by the trim, you can be sure that it will not fall.

6. Set a level on its side and slide the shims around it to level the window perfectly.

7. Secure the vinyl replacement window by mounting the screws that are included in the unit. Drive these screws through the sides of the unit to pass through the screw holes and into the wall frame.

8. Fill all the gaps between the new vinyl replacement window unit and the existing frame with a fiberglass insulation spray.

9. With the help of a nail gun, re-install the trim around the replacement unit in order to further secure it.

Double check your window replacement bow window by knocking on it and trying to move it. Your new vinyl replacement window is now fitted with precision.

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(Article excerpt and image from How to Install Replacement Windows.)