Franklin Avery House is a beautifully designed house in the beautiful Colorado Mountains. It is one of several buildings designated a historic landmark by the state of Colorado. The house is built on land donated by Mr. and Mrs. Avery in 1879. They were the first settlers in what is now Colorado City, Colorado, and their home and homestead were burned down during the Civil War. Frankl had them build a new house on the same land, and they named it after him. Learn more here.

Franklin Avery House in Fort Collins, Colorado, is considered to be one of the oldest homes in the Historic District of northern Colorado. Built more than two hundred years ago, it is one of the very few house structures left standing that was established prior to the modern era of architecture. Frankl’s descendants continue to use portions of this house and have converted it into a comfortable heritage home for their extended family. Tourists and property buyers frequent this historic Fort Collins, Colorado location because of its charming architecture and inviting architecture. Learn more about The Gorgeous Farm At Lee Martinez Park in Fort Collins, CO.

This beautiful house, previously owned by Frankl and his wife, is listed as a historical landmark. It was designed by architect Peter Freiberg, who also redesigned the State Capitol Building in Denver. Today you will find the original frame, chimney, door, roof, and many other details still in place. Tourists and property buyers are welcomed on this historic site that was once a bustling fort around the year 1879. The house and grounds are surrounded by an inviting trellis, which allows you easy access to the historic areas of Old Town and South Park. The carriage house and the historic grounds are the focal points of the town of Fort Collins.